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I love you all like very distant relatives- but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about your finances.

Thanks to this awesomely constipated money flow we’ve got going on I think it only the responsible thing to do- A LIST OF RECENT STORE CLOSINGS IN THE U.S.OF A. 

If you have any “gift cards” from these stores- USE ‘EM OR LOSE ‘EM!

These stores informed the Security Exchange of closing plans between October 2008 and January 2009.

  • Circuit City stores
  • Ann Taylor- 117 stores nationwide are to be shuttered
  • Lane Bryant
  • Fashion Bug
  • Catherine’s to close 150 store nationwide
  • Eddie Bauer to close stores 27 stores and more after January
  • Cache will close all stores
  • Talbots closing down all stores
  • J. Jill closing all stores
  • GAP closing 85 stores
  • Footlocker closing 140 stores more to close after January
  • Wickes Furniture closing down
  • Levitz closing down remaining stores
  • Bombay closing remaining stores
  • Zales closing down 82 stores and 105 after January.
  • Whitehall closing all stores
  • Piercing Pagoda closing all stores
  • Disney closing 98 stores and will close more after January.
  • Home Depot closing 15 stores 1 in NJ ( New Brunswick )
  • Macys to close 9 stores after January
  • Linens and Things closing all stores
  • Movie Galley Closing all stores
  • Pacific Sunware closing stores
  • Pep Boys Closing 33 stores
  • Sprint/ Nextel closing 133 stores
  • JC Penney closing a number of stores after January
  • Ethan Allen closing down 12 stores.
  • Wilson Leather closing down all stores
  • Sharper Image closing down all stores
  • K B Toys closing 356 stores
  • Loews to close down some stores
  • Dillard’s to close some stores.

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