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Just a little holiday Cheer for everyone!  I hope you are all surviving the holiday shopping this weekend!

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Here’s a few fun items I found this week:

For the Holiday season, The Gap has launched a fun Christmas carole interactive website.  At the Merry Mix it site you can view celebrities singing traditional carols with a new flavor to them.  You can also mix and match the celebrities performances to create your very own fun filled clip.  I found the site a bit slow to load but had a good laugh at Freddy Rodriquez and Jason Biggs attempted to rap. Participating celebrities include: Sandra Bernhard, Flo Rida, Trey Songz, Jon Heder, Selma Blair, Rain Wilson and more.  You can also mix and match their winter line to see which pieces you like together.  Check it out here.

converse7wtConverse sneakers has teamed with Product (Red) called 1HUN(RED) where you can personalize any style of Converse shoe with part of the proceeds going to the charity. There are many, many choices and you can even personlize the shoes.  The cost is a bit more than in the store but your Chucks will be one of a kind.   Converse.

Equal Rights –

I got this email from a friend and decided to pass it along….


Hi Friends!
I hope you all made it out to the Chicago chapter of the national protest this past Saturday against Prop 8. Over 300 cities across the world joined in the simultaneous demonstration for equal rights. If you couldn’t make it, like me, you probably couldn’t help but be moved by the show of solidarity in and for our community. 
As the protest was taking shape this week, I submitted a flyer design for the Chicago protest (A US map with participating cities). 
Over the course of the weekend, I’ve had several requests for t-shirts with the design.  As a way to keep the momentum going, I thought it would be neat to create an online store selling these t-shirts, both for fun and to support the growing movement ( http://createdequal.onlineshirtstores.com/ ).  I have it set up so that 80% of the t-shirt proceeds will go to different organizations serving and advocating for the LGBT community.  In the spirit of Join the Impact, the idea is to create funds for grassroots-y organizations that have smaller budgets than, say, HRC.  During these economic times and after many people have already given money, it may be easier to get people to continue donating towards the cause if they get something cool in return.
Currently, Equality California will receive the proceeds.  But the organization will change periodically, and people can recommend that different organizations receive donations.
Anyway, I would appreciate it if you would consider visiting and sharing the link to “First Class Tees”:  http://createdequal.onlineshirtstores.com/  . 

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I know, I know it’s wrong to laud the recession but today I seriously benefited from poor store sales. Every year around this time, i.e. my birthday, I go on a small shopping spree.  This stems completely from several stores sending me “Birthday” coupons.  Plus, I was bored.  Every store I went to had some sort of sale. Either it was buy one get one 50% off or just everything was 50% off.  This included Macy’s who had designer jeans 40% – 65% off.  Spending only $200 I bought the following:

Pair of Black Dress Pants, 1 black sweater, 3 shirts, underwear, and 2 pairs of jeans.  Personally I thought I had hit the jackpot.  Now I am not saying to go spend all your money because let’s face it we all need to be saving right now, but if there’s something you’ve been wanting to buy now might be the time to look into purchasing that item.   Stores: Old Navy, AEO, Express, and Victoria’s Secret.  


The Weepies

The Weepies

In other news, this Thursday on Dirty Sexy Money, Jeremy Darling surprised his gf played by Lucy Liu with a private, in apartment concert from The Weepies.  I’ve loved this group for awhile now and am extremely happy they are getting some national attention.  Right now on abc.com you can download the song they played on the show for free.  Also, check out their music video for Hideaway which is a favorite of mine.  




One more tidbit of greatness….yes, I promised to lay off the Tegan and Sara posts but I couldn’t help myself.  The Quins are participating in a unique blog series for Spinner.com.  Each week one or the other will post an essay on one of the following topics;  Laugh, Rage, or Cry.  Teagn’s first post tells a story about her experience with crying and her well written, relatable, honest story made me want to cry.   Is there anything these women do not excel in?


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This weekend while perusing the latest issue of Shape Magazine I came across a few items I thought you’d all enjoy.  

1.  A cup of yogurt a day may keep a stuffy nose at bay.  

According to a study in  Clinical and Experimental Allergy, they found that people allergic to ragweed and grass pollen who consumed a beverage containing probiotics (good bacteria found in yogurt), they experienced lower antibodies which triggered reactions.  FYI:  Yogurt also helps keep yeast infections at bay when taking large quantities of prescription antibiotics. 

2.  Keep your Purse/Bag off the Floor!

Floors and coutnertops are contaminated with germs that cause colds, stomach issues, and eye problems.  Instead put your bag on the bag of your chair, hold it on the bus, and put it on the hook in the restroom.  Also, germs can stay in the purse fabric for days so once a week wipe it down with a disinfectiong cloth.

3.  Battling Breast Cancer one Joke at a Time

Camilla Davidson, learned after her own diagnosis that she wanted to show encouragement and support using the lighter side of life.  Davidson created Milla Correspondence, a line of greeting cards acknowledging the tough truths of cancer but with humor.  i.e. “I know you won’t need a bra after your mastectoy..so here’s to fabulous panites.”  The cards run $4.00 each and can be ordered at www.millacorrespondance.blogspot.com  Proceeds from each order go to different cancer organizations.  

4.  Beauty Sample Sale!!!!

December 10th in Chicago and November, 11th in NYC.  www.beautysamplesale.com  Tickets are $10 and  you must be 21 to attend because there are complimentary Midori cocktails.  More info below:

“A beauty bonanza bringing together the best names in beauty, all under one roof.

Guests will sample complimentary beauty services courtesy of the world’s prettiest brands, from hair care to skin care from cosmetics to cosmeceuticals.

The sampling doesn’t stop there, save money with sample sale prices on beauty’s top collections, products and more.

Save face as the most respected beauty experts share tricks of the trade, trends and celebrity secrets.

Sample on the go with overflowing goodie bags filled with full and sample size products.

Oh, and did we mention more than generous “samplings” of cocktails, sweet treats and more?”


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