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TV on the Radio

TV on the Radio

Over the weekend, I did head to San Francisco for the Treasure Island Music Festival.  I will be posting a complete review of the entire festival but for now…..this is all about one band which completely surprised me. 

To be honest, I was not a fan of this band before this past weekend.  I have many, many friends who love them and have given me all their released CD’s which I never listen to ever. To say I wasn’t really excited to see them would be an understatement.  Especially since they were third to last for the day and I had been standing for hours.

BUT, TV on the Radio surprised the hell out of me.  They were great and I can say this with only semi-knowing one of their songs.  For most people, watching a band and not being familiar with their music can make for a very long and boring set.  But TV had amazing energy and drew you into their songs, almost daring you not to pay attention to them.  Needless to say, I have been converted.  Today they are releasing their new album, Dear Science, which they played 3 songs from on Saturday.  All were great and I recommend you check them out.  If you have the chance to see them live; go!   It will be worth it.

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Tv on the Radio

 TV on the Radio


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This weekend I am off to San Francisco to the Treasure Island Music Festival and I cannot be more excited.  I’ve never been before and it’s more than just music.  They have artists, great interesting shopping areas, and actual treasure hunts.  Plus the festival is completely green with zero-emission shuttle buses, biodeisel generators, recycling, and a solar powered stage.  I will definitely be blogging about it all when I get back on Monday.  

The bands I’m most excited to hear/see include:  CSS, Justice, TV on the Radio, Goldfrapp, Chester French, Vampire Weekend, The Kills and of course, most of all Tegan and Sara.  If you’re in the area I believe there are still tickets available and they are really reasonable.  Info below:


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