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I’m going to start this post to post things that I love. No explanation needed and no apologies for loving it.

I’ll start with


**  The Balkan Beat Box **



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This past Monday and Tuesday night I had the privilege of seeing An Horse play.  Monday at the Silverlakeimg_3570 Lounge for FREE and Tuesday at The Echo.  Both nights were great shows and I am very happy that I”m extremely sleep deprived today because i went.  Kate Cooper and Damon Cox are the duo who make up the Australian band, An Horse.    The simplicity of the duo, Kate on guitar and Damon on drums, doesn’t limit the fullness of their sound.  Both nights I took friends who had never heard their music and once again they all left being huge fans and were surprised that it was just the two making such a huge sound.  Plus watching Kate play guitar is magical.  She jerks around and it’s like her feet are made of rubber as she pounds her foot to keep time.  It’s almost like she’s trying to contain her excitement for her own music but really just wants to jump around to enticing beats.

 img_3579I highly recommend checking them out.  Their U.S tour continues until the holidays where in the New Year they are headed home to Australia to play some festivals with among others, Tegan and Sara.  Their newly released on itunes CD, Rearrange Beds is foot tapping, concise, lyrically interesting and complicated and addictive.  Check out their myspace page for a sample of their sound.  img_3585

**Side Note:  Their artwork is created by an Australian woman, Celeste (I’m working on the last name) but check out her myspace.  http://www.myspace.com/carbonbycarbon 

And Ms. Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara is their A&R Rep.  Just an interesting little side note. Check out their latest Spinner blog entry:  http://www.spinner.com/2008/11/05/laugh-rage-cry-with-tegan-quin/







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