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Over the past weekend Tegan and Sara played four sold out shows in Los Angeles at The Music Box.  In the lobby at each performance, the Support Voting No on Prop 8 campaigners set up a table and recruited volunteers. During their performances, Tegan and Sara each took turns asking Californians to please Vote No on Prop 8.  I’ve included two videos of their speeches.  The first is from Friday nights’ show and features Tegan’s opinion.  The second clip begins with Tegan again (I accidentally missed Sara’s beginning) but Sara finishes their statement.  As Canadians, they cannot vote (duh!) but adamantly support the Voting No movement.  

The focus on my camera went out so the clarity of the clips is not as good as I’d like it to be.  The second clips also contains some language not suitable for younger viewers.

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Per our definition of this site, I know this post does not entirely apply but after watching countless ads supporting Proposition 8 I had to write something.  I, personally, am voting “NO”on Prop 8 but I am not imposing my views on you.  All I ask is please research the facts of the proposition and consider all sides of the issue.

Even if you do not believe in gay marriage or marriage consider your friends, co-workers, neighbors etc.  Many of these people could be gay and do they not deserve the right to be married?  Consider if it were your child.  Do you not want the people you love/care about to be able to be with the person they love?  Please think beyond yourself and your ideas of what constitutes who should be able to marry, and remember we simple cannot help with whom we fall in love.

Get the facts:


My views do not necessarily reflect Jessi’s views on this issue.  I speak only for myself.

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