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While perusing Spin Magazine’s November issue I came across a fun article.  Coming out this month,51aqa3lbu4l_ss500_Sleeveface: Be the Vinyl is a photo book by Carl Morris, owner of the small U.K label My Kung Fu Records and John Rostron.  The book began one night while Morris was DJing at a pub.  He came across a copy of McCarney II and being amused by the former Beetles expression, Morris held it up to his face and took a picture.  The craze caught on a people began synchronizing their clothing and movements to match the album covers.  Using 200 photos the book was assembled with vinyl from the iconic Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A to the controversial Strokes’ Is This It.  You can check out their website here.  You’ll find links to where you can buy the book, facebook it, and go to Sleeveface parties.  Yes, there are even parties.  And an instructional youtube video……


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A few weeks ago I came across a brief interview, in Newsweek, with author Anne Roiphe who wrote the memoir, Epilogue.  The novels chronicles 72 yr. old Riophe’s sudden widowhood and attempts at dating again.  Besides wanting to immediately run out and buy her book, I found Riophe’s frankness and complete honesty toward the topic refreshing and proof taht as one ages, you can remain open to new ideas and adapt to the times.  Did I mention she was using the Internet to date?

I’m not a 24-year old girl.  I’m a 72-year-old woman.  And I accept that.  But I don’t accept that means I can’t have all kinds of  girlish, womanish feelings.  Why not?  I am a grandmother and I lvoe being a grandmother.  But if I believed that because I’m a grandmother, I should stay home and knit socks for my grandchildren….I’d last another six mots in this world.


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A few years back while visiting home during the holidays I became extremely bored.  And being that home is rural Southern Illinois, we were snowed in for weeks hence the boredom.  Good times.  Having exhausted my personal library my dad suggested his favorite author; John Jakes.  Beginning with North and South, I read his entire collection or 6 books before heading back to college.  

John Jakes’ first book, The Bastard was published in 1973 since then he’s written 12 other novels.  There are two trilogies, North and South and The Kent Family Chronicles.  Each follows a family through history.  Jake’s talent lies in his impeccable research and ability to interweave fictional characters into historically accurate events.  North and South came to even larger fame after being produced into a TV Miniseries starring Patrick Swayze.  I highly recommend the two trilogies as well as On Secret Service.  



Excepert from www.johnjakes.com    :

Praised as “the godfather of the historical novel,” “the people’s author,” and “America’s history teacher,” Jakes mingles the lives of his fictional characters with those of historical personages, and involves them in the great events of U.S. and world.

His devotion to a unique blend of strong storytelling and historical accuracy has won him a worldwide audience. More than 55 million copies of his Kent Chronicles are currently in print, along with nearly 10 million copies of The North and South Trilogy. Six of his major novels have been filmed as television mini-series. The first North and South production (ABC, David L. Wolper Productions, 12 hours) stands at 7th position among the 10 highest rated miniseries of all time.



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