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imagesIt’s that time of year again.  You know the day after Thanksgiving where Americans lose their minds and line up outside Wal-Marts at 3am to get the magic computer for $1.  Yes, it’s Black Friday.  Since our economy is in the crapper and according to the Untied States Constitution we cannot allow President Elect Obama to take office until Jan. 20th, we might as well shop and this year there are sales, sales, and even more sales.  There are so many sales that some stores already have their merchandise on sale and other stores literally have all their merchandise marked down.  

Below are a few websites which list this year’s big ticket items for nothing if you want to shop at 5am.  So dust off your credit cards, balance transfer some funds and go crazy!!!  For those of you living in a frozen tundra like state there are even fantastic sales online.




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I know, I know it’s wrong to laud the recession but today I seriously benefited from poor store sales. Every year around this time, i.e. my birthday, I go on a small shopping spree.  This stems completely from several stores sending me “Birthday” coupons.  Plus, I was bored.  Every store I went to had some sort of sale. Either it was buy one get one 50% off or just everything was 50% off.  This included Macy’s who had designer jeans 40% – 65% off.  Spending only $200 I bought the following:

Pair of Black Dress Pants, 1 black sweater, 3 shirts, underwear, and 2 pairs of jeans.  Personally I thought I had hit the jackpot.  Now I am not saying to go spend all your money because let’s face it we all need to be saving right now, but if there’s something you’ve been wanting to buy now might be the time to look into purchasing that item.   Stores: Old Navy, AEO, Express, and Victoria’s Secret.  


The Weepies

The Weepies

In other news, this Thursday on Dirty Sexy Money, Jeremy Darling surprised his gf played by Lucy Liu with a private, in apartment concert from The Weepies.  I’ve loved this group for awhile now and am extremely happy they are getting some national attention.  Right now on abc.com you can download the song they played on the show for free.  Also, check out their music video for Hideaway which is a favorite of mine.  




One more tidbit of greatness….yes, I promised to lay off the Tegan and Sara posts but I couldn’t help myself.  The Quins are participating in a unique blog series for Spinner.com.  Each week one or the other will post an essay on one of the following topics;  Laugh, Rage, or Cry.  Teagn’s first post tells a story about her experience with crying and her well written, relatable, honest story made me want to cry.   Is there anything these women do not excel in?


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