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l8287673966_4449Nestled  near the Columbia River in Central Washington, The Gorge Amphitheatre is an outdoor amphitheater where the annual Sasquatch Music Festival is held every year.  Tickets are on sale now and until Sunday, March 1st you can get a 3 day pass for $154 and change.  After that  all Tickets are General Admission. The first allotment of tickets are $56.50 per day, available for the on-sale weekend only. Beginning Monday, March 2nd tickets are $66.50 per day. The week of the festival (beginning Monday, May 18th) tickets are $76.50 per day if still available.  

You can find more information here including camping info and directions.  If I had any money at all I would definitely be going.  At least for the frist day.  The line up is amazing!

Saturday, May 23th

Kings of Leon / Yeah Yeah Yeahs / The Decemberists / Animal Collective / Bon Iver / Devotchka / M. Ward / Doves / Sun Kil Moon / The Gaslight Anthem / King Khan & The Shrines / Ra Ra Riot / Shearwater / Passion Pit / Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band / Vince Mira / Blind Pilot / Owl City / Arthur & Yu / Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele / Death Vessel / Hockey / James Pants / Crystal Castles / Todd Barry / Tim and Eric / People’s Republic of Komedy

Sunday, May 24th

Jane’s Addiction / Nine Inch Nails / TV On The Radio / The Murder City Devils / of Montreal / The Avett Brothers / Calexico / M83 / The Airborne Toxic Event / The Walkmen / The Wrens / St. Vincent / The Dodos / John Vanderslice / The Submarines / Viva Voce / The Builders And The Butchers / AA Bondy / Fences / Point Juncture, WA / Jon Benjamin / Zach Galifianakis / Deadmau5 / Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head / People’s Republic of Komedy

Monday, May 25th

Ben Harper and Relentless7 / Erykah Badu / Silversun Pickups / Fleet Foxes / Gogol Bordello / Santigold / Grizzly Bear / Explosions In The Sky / Girl Talk / Blitzen Trapper / The Knux / Monotonix / Bishop Allen / Black Moth Super Rainbow / Beach House / Mugison / The Dutchess And The Duke / School Of Seven Bells / Horse Feathers / The Pica Beats / Loch Lomond / BLK JKS / Demetri Martin / God’s Pottery / Chromeo / Tobacco / People’s Republic of Komedy / The Whitest Kids U’ Know

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While reading cnn.com today I cam across this article.  I know the recession is silently killing all of our pocketbooks but apparently some might be taking it a bit far.  

On Monday, Donald Crabtree opened Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine, where the waiters and waitresses serve their customers topless.

In a town with fewer than 4,500 residents, the topless coffee shop is booming with business. Paul Crabtree, the owner’s brother, describes business so far as “fantastic.”

“It’s just been crowds mobbing in,” he said.

Overall Crabtree had 150 applicants for the 15 positions of people more than willing to take their top off just to make a paycheck.  I know I’m suffering here in LA but I’m no where near having to serve coffee topless.  Of course it is easier for men since being shirtless is not revealing anything outside of societal norms, but for women it’s a whole other story.  

What do you think?


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I’ll tell ya, it’s getting harder and harder for me to still say ” I Love Facebook!”.

On, I’ll admit a not-so-reputable news source, www.defamer.com they have revealed that facebook is posting bogus “get rich quick” scheme advertisements on their pages. They, and C$O  Mark Zuckerberg say that “The ads are isolated incidents which go offline as soon as users report the scams…”

If you ask me, I think that Senor Zuckerberg is far to bright to let those gems slide past his “bogus ad” radar. It’s almost as if, in the last month, the devil got his hands on Zuckerberg with all of these new changes that are going on under users noses. He knows full well that we are not as tech savvy as he and his team and he still chooses to go against what facebook once was- an easy, safe place for friends to be friends and share life experiences online.

I’m very disappointed with the direction in which Facebook is going and I may have to go to an FA meeting (Facebookers Anonymous) to ween myself off of the site because, as I stated above, it’s getting harder for me to still say “I love Facebook”. I still just plain love facebook. We’ll see how long that lasts.


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cd-alwaysandforeverOver the past few years television networks have taken notice that music is a extremely important part of their shows.  The first major network to take notice of this idea was at the now debunked WB with their show Dawson’s Creek which followed up with the musically relevant show One Tree Hill.  OTH started the revolution but using smaller not as well known bands to enhance their show.  Next the OTH website included a detailed list of each song used in each episode including a scene description so users could easily find the exact song.  Plus you can then link to a source to buy the song or entire album.  Artists showcased include Andrew Bird, Carolina Lina, Franz Ferdinand, Meiko and The Fray.

coverpz5Flash forward a few years and suddenly Grey’s Anatomy comes along revamping ABC’s entire lineup.  Their musical director has excellent taste and continually uses indie bands to score Grey’s episodes.  Quickly following along their predecessors, Grey’s included a detailed website.  ABC followed along and now shows like Ugly Betty and Private Practice all have such music catalog ares to their websites.  CW now has almost every show, 90210, Privileged, Gossip Girl, using this musical ideas.  Find their music page here.

Personally I used these sites quite often to find new music.  I only wish more shows would follow this trend.  Especially show’s like all the CSI’s.  Normally their musical choices are more commercial bands but I’d still like to know the particular songs used etc.  Overall I still find One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy to have some of the best music in their shows.  Of course I’m a tiny bit biased since Grey’s uses Tegan and Sara….oftenteganxxlargeincluding the very first episode.  Plus check out The L Word’s soundtracks.  They do not have a detailed website for each episode but some great seasonal soundtracks.  


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courtesy of An HorseJust because I love them I’ve decided to post the link to a fun new interview Kate Cooper and Damon Cox did with spinner.com.  Along with how their band came up with their name, Kate tells her story of meeting Tegan and Sara which lead to An Horse touring with the Quins.  Their Album, Rearrange Beds is available on itunes now and you should check it out.  Find more info here including their current tour schedule.


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Last week Adam Carolla, one of my favorite radio morning show hosts in LA, announced that he would be going off the air. This was very sudden and abrupt and if I wasn’t living outside of LA I would be crushed that his voice wouldn’t wake me up on the radio alarm clock every morning anymore.

Adam made a conscious effort to keep his show alive; minus a pregnant Theresa Strasser and Bald Bryan. He set up http://carollaradio.com/ which is a podcast of an hour long show that he does, commercial free and sensor free.  the podcast is out of his home, and he will be getting co-hosts, like Dr. drew (mostly his friends) periodically.

I love Adam Carolla. He speaks his minds and is TOTALLY logical about many issues in America and our world today.

Please support Adam in listening to his podcasts everyday. It’s an hour long and is perfect for work (if you have headphones).


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badge250x250At the Oscars yesterday evening several celebrities including the entire cast of Milk and Anne Hathaway’s father all wore a white knot.  Why you ask?  To show their support for marriage equality.  You can find more information here.  If you make a donation the organization will send you a white knot free.  Otherwise send a self-addressed stamped envelope to this address and they will send a white knot back free of charge.

White Knot For Equality

P.O Box 691517  

West Hollywood, CA 90069

The White Knot is the symbol for marriage equality. Wear it every day to show your support and to create conversation. Use it to tell someone today that equal rights are important to everyone. Share the White Knot and spread the word that all loving couples deserve the same legal rights, benefits, and respect that civil marriage bestows.

Visibility is the goal. See where White Knots are appearing.

Whether you are gay, straight, or otherwise, please show your support by wearing the Knot and telling people why you are wearing it. Wear your White Knot to work, to school, to your place of worship. Together, we will keep the topic at the top of people’s minds and keep the conversation going.

 Things You Can Say…
when someone asks you why you are wearing a White Knot
or when you have the opportunity to talk about Marriage Equality.


1 I wear a White Knot because I support Marriage Equality. Everyone should have the right to tie the knot.
2 Marriage is about committed couples—all committed couples—who want to make a lifelong promise to take care of and be responsible for each other. This can only strengthen family and society.
3 Denying committed couples the security and legal protections of marriage hurts them; it’s wrong to make it harder for committed couples to take care of and be responsible for each other.
4 People can have different beliefs and still treat everyone fairly. That’s why our constitution exists to protect everyone equally, including minorities.
5 What if you were told that you couldn’t marry the person you loved? What would that do to you? And what if you got married, and someone tried to take it away?
  Get more conversation starters at Freedom to MarryGLAAD (PDF), and Let California Ring.


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