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Oh yes our fantastic Gays and friends of the Gays have made a spoof Prop 8 musical.  Check it out at www.funnyordie.com

Sorry I can’t embed it!  Directed and Produced by Adam Shankman exclusively for Funny or Die.


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This Saturday across the United States a united front will protest for Gay Rights, Equality for All.  Though the night before is my birthday party I will be in downtown LA fighting to not be a second class citizen.  Please check http://jointheimpact.wetpaint.com/  to find your city, time, and place for the protest.  Please join us and remember we are all created equal.

A quick overview of the Protest events across the nation.


Anderson Cooper 360 Review of Prop 8 Vote



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I couldn’t put it better than Jessi has already stated so I’m not going to try.  Personally I voted weeks ago, thank you absentee voting.  California is one, I believe of 5, states which allows propositions on the national campaign.  And trust me, you have to do your research to understand these propositions.  Today, I know, will be one for the history books.  The entire world is waiting for us, the World’s leader, to make a much needed change.  Even McCain would be better than our current President.  Overall McCain isn’t a bad person for the job; yes, I said it and I voted for Obama.  All I ask is before you vote choose the person who you think will lead this country into the future.  Who will help us solve our economic problems and not just for the now but for 10, 20, 30 years from now.  Thinking ahead, in the long term, is not one of America’s strong points but I know this can change.

Also, if in CA, please consider Voting No on Proposition 8.  There is a reason we have separation of church and state.  Posted below is a link to a LA Times article published today which debunks the horrid Yes on 8 ads.  Please read it and think: are you really against gay marriage or are you simply against being gay?  In the case of Prop 8 there is a difference.  


Sorry friends I cannot get the link to work.

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I went to vote today. I felt empowered. I felt like in a country of 305,575,707 ish people, what I want matters.

What’s even more powerful this year, this day, this morning; is that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Listening to MPR and NPR bounce back and forth this morning, there are record numbers not only GOING to the polls today, but that have ALREADY voted early.

But beyond that, and beyond the finale to all of those pestering attack ads of a national and local level, we ARE voting for change. And not just an Obama change. In 77 days, on January 20th, the most destructive president since Harry S. Truman, will leave the oval office. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a McCain supporter, but even democrats have to concede that McCain, in the off chance that he wins the election, will be slightly better than George W. Bush. We are just hours away from knowing who will change this country for the better.

As I was leaving the polling station and riding the bus to work, seeing the young faces in line and still standing on the side of the street holding up Obama signs, it made me cry. Alright, so I’m already an emotional person anyway, but I just cannot wait to be a citizen of a country that isn’t seen as the enemy by most of the world. I cannot wait to be rid of an administration that leads with fear. I cannot wait to be a citizen of a peaceful nation. One that drops food instead of bombs, one that puts money that in the past 8 years was spent on killing, towards teaching our children, one that follows the dreams of our founding fathers and one that takes deep breaths, counts to 10 and uses words before acting.

It’s almost over my friends and that makes me shed tears of happiness.

Power to the People

Power to the young

Power to the old

Power to the rich

Power to the poor

Power to the People

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On Tuesday, Nov 4th after you’ve voted Starbucks will give you a free, yes FREE, tall cup of freshly brewed crack like coffee.  Sorry, I swear they put something in their coffee to make you crave it.  Personally I’m heading over on my way to work.  Plus I voted a week ago!  Best part, is it’s all on a honor system. You do not need to prove you voted; just prove that Americans have some ethics and are not huge liars.  Enjoy!

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I’m sure many of you have seen the below video of celebrities reminding you to vote,  but just in case you haven’t yet……enjoy and remember to vote on November 4th.   It’s a right many people of the world would and are dying to be able to do.  


To find your voting place:


The best part of the video is I think a few of the celebrities aren’t even American citizens.

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