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I Love You, Beth Cooper is a novel by Larry Doyle a former comedy writer for TV shows like The Simpsons andbethcooper Beavis and Butt-Head. It’s graduation night at Buffalo Grove High School, yes it’s a real High School in a Western suburb of Chicago, and the nerdy Valediction Dennis Cooverman decides it’s his last chance to profess his love for Beth Cooper; the head cheerleader. Needless to say this public statement of High School love leads to the most interesting night in Dennis’ life. From being chased by psychotic military boyfriends to car chases to a little lesbian action this night is beyond memorable. And I have to say personally, I was a High School Valedictorian and while I’m sure anyone who gives a speech like Dennis will surely never forget it, unlike me who has absolutely no idea what I said for 3 1/2 minutes in front of hundreds of people.  Obviously not a life changing moment for me.

Overall the book is a quick read with each page leading to believable yet unbelievable hilarious events. You cannot help but think of the silly/stupid things you did in High School and then laugh a bit more. Also, at the beginning of each chapter there is a quote from  famous characters from the classic High School movies like Breakfast Club, Heathers, Fast Times at Ridgemont High etc.

Next year they are making the book into a film starring Hayden Panettiere. Not so sure about that casting but we shall see…. For now, grab the book and be prepared to laugh at not only Dennis but yourself.

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I am…slowly… reaching the age where my friends have steady jobs in the careers in which they’ve received degrees, and therefore, buying homes. Now, I know that the economy this past year hasn’t been well…stellar, but none-the-less we’re not renting anymore. I have been trying to hint to my friends’ parents that are re-modeling or building or just moving that there are some great new options that will reduce their heating bill (Midwest) and air conditioning bill (far west) but they’re just too old to grasp the idea of change. So, I’m forced to look to MY friends, who, in all honesty, are my best bet in getting this message across.

Green Roofs are the wave of the housing future! Don’t you laugh at me, but a green roof is when you lay grass on your roof. Think about it, when you go to lay on your lawn on a hot summer day, it’s always cool, right? RIGHT. And it has a thick layer of insulation- dirt, right? RIGHT. So why is it so far fetched to put grass on your roof at home? IT’S NOT. Here are the reasons why :

**Pink Panther insulation wasn’t around for the Vikings of Newfoundland, so they used Grass to keep in the the kind of air they wanted, depending on the season.

**If you have a way to get up to the roof, it can be another garden! Grow veggies on your roof and you don’t have to run to the grocery store for that Onion he forgot to buy on the way home from work.

**In areas of the world where it rains a lot, it is your natural gutter. It absorbs the water and therefore you don’t have run-off.

**You’re giving back to the environment! Mother Earth gives you so much, how long has it been since you’ve given her a mothers day gift? you’re doing good by filtering pollutants and CO2 out of the air.

Besides from all of the above, it’s actually really cool aesthetically speaking. I was recently on vacation in Door County Wisconsin. There is a Swedish restaurant nearby in Sister Bay and it has a green roof, it even has goats grazing on it! You don’t have to do that, but it’s cool, huh?

These roofs can be colorful too. You don’t dye them with food or hair coloring, you plant flowers! If you intersperse different kinds that bloom at different times of the year, I guarantee your house will be the house that all the neighbors envy.


  1. School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University; Singapore
  2. The great city of Chicago
  3. Hundertwasser’s Waldspirale, Austria
  4. The city of Baltimore
  5. Al Johnson’s Restaurant, Sister Bay, Wisconsin
  6. My new city- Minneapolis

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This weekend while perusing the latest issue of Shape Magazine I came across a few items I thought you’d all enjoy.  

1.  A cup of yogurt a day may keep a stuffy nose at bay.  

According to a study in  Clinical and Experimental Allergy, they found that people allergic to ragweed and grass pollen who consumed a beverage containing probiotics (good bacteria found in yogurt), they experienced lower antibodies which triggered reactions.  FYI:  Yogurt also helps keep yeast infections at bay when taking large quantities of prescription antibiotics. 

2.  Keep your Purse/Bag off the Floor!

Floors and coutnertops are contaminated with germs that cause colds, stomach issues, and eye problems.  Instead put your bag on the bag of your chair, hold it on the bus, and put it on the hook in the restroom.  Also, germs can stay in the purse fabric for days so once a week wipe it down with a disinfectiong cloth.

3.  Battling Breast Cancer one Joke at a Time

Camilla Davidson, learned after her own diagnosis that she wanted to show encouragement and support using the lighter side of life.  Davidson created Milla Correspondence, a line of greeting cards acknowledging the tough truths of cancer but with humor.  i.e. “I know you won’t need a bra after your mastectoy..so here’s to fabulous panites.”  The cards run $4.00 each and can be ordered at www.millacorrespondance.blogspot.com  Proceeds from each order go to different cancer organizations.  

4.  Beauty Sample Sale!!!!

December 10th in Chicago and November, 11th in NYC.  www.beautysamplesale.com  Tickets are $10 and  you must be 21 to attend because there are complimentary Midori cocktails.  More info below:

“A beauty bonanza bringing together the best names in beauty, all under one roof.

Guests will sample complimentary beauty services courtesy of the world’s prettiest brands, from hair care to skin care from cosmetics to cosmeceuticals.

The sampling doesn’t stop there, save money with sample sale prices on beauty’s top collections, products and more.

Save face as the most respected beauty experts share tricks of the trade, trends and celebrity secrets.

Sample on the go with overflowing goodie bags filled with full and sample size products.

Oh, and did we mention more than generous “samplings” of cocktails, sweet treats and more?”


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