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Let’s not enter the actual year, shall we?

Miss Elizabeth Koopman was BORN!



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Yesterday was a very sad day for me.  My co-blogger and good friend Jessi moved home to Minneapolis.  But this will not affect the blog.  Jessi will continue to post from MN and we will get some new Midwest flare to Against the Grain.  As I completely support her decision to leave I really hate it.  Here’s to my favorite traveling partner, Minnesotan, and co-worker!  Have a fun and save journey back to frozen tundra.  100 degrees in LA today.  50’s Minneapolis.  I’m just saying…..

Those were the days…


Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier










In other news, due to my recent unemployment I have rediscovered a long lost public/free institution in LA.  The Los Angeles Public Library.  Since everyone has a library in their respected city I highly suggest checking it out again.  The LA system is online now and has a great hold system so you can order your books and have them delivered to a specific branch.  Today I picked up 5 books at no cost to me and I get to keep them 2 weeks and can renew them online.  LA did shorten the check out time and raise the fees but it is still cheaper than buying the books.  If you’re on a budget like me, go!  Save money!


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