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The Jersey City, NJ Festival or Coachella East announced it’s line up today with ticket’s going on sale this Friday.  I couldn’t put the review of last year’s festival or this year’s line up any better than http://www.stereogum.com so I didn’t…..

Last year Goldenvoice brought the last thing this country needed more of (music festivals) to the last part of the country that needed it. Most local live music lovers don’t travel across country to, say, Coachella, because they know the lineup will be playing somewhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn within weeks anyway. So the Goldenvoice promoted All Points West (aka Coachella East) had two viable routes to being successful on its own terms, as a festival worthy of infinite ferry lines to Liberty State Park in Jersey City to see a bunch of bands playing Bowery that week: make the surroundings a user-friendly playground like its sister event in Indio (they did not), or book Radiohead for two nights. One out of two is not bad. One out of two did not stop people from calling it All Points Worst.

But this year looks different.

For one, they’ve promised an enhanced beer-drinking experience. That sounds like a petty quibble, until you find yourself trapped on an island with limited access to expensive beers in limited amounts with no forewarning. For another, they’ve picked up on Coachella’s design and created an enclosed, “tent” stage to host some top flight comedy (featuring Tim & Eric, Michael Showalter, Todd Barry, Janeane Garofalo, and Eugene Mirman). Mostly dudes you can see in Park Slope, but still. Progress. And most importantly, this musical lineup is actually righteous, rather than a bad rehash of every band doing every festival this year. Check it:


Tickets are on sale Friday 4/3 at 12PM EST via ticketmaster.com. Single day tickets are $89, three-day tix will be priced at $199 for a limited time, and there is a recession-friendly layaway option. There is also a VIPpackage, but honestly after last year I would say stay far away from that. Unless they’re offering BBQ and earplug-fitting session with Kevin Shields and/or beer-spitting lessons with Karen O.

All Points Worst to All Points Best? Obviously we’ll have to see it first, but the surprise of the morning: We are actually gonna go to see it first. What a difference a year and/or a promising press release makes, right guys? Blogging. Lots more info at the official site. If you are planning to go, here is the primer we hope is outdated but you should read before making ferry plans anyway.

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And I would have linked it if the damn function was working…sigh.

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Jessi and I have not forgotten about you but were are running into some serious technical difficulties trying to update the site.  We are not computer geniuses though we are seriously reconsidering our college degrees. Kidding.  Please hang in there!  We are trying to keep up on this site for now until the other is beautiful and worthy of your eyes!

I had to post this trailer.  On October 16th, Warner Brothers is releasing Where the Wild Things Are which has to be one of my favorite children’s book ever.  Directed by Spike Jonze I believe it’s going to give us all a sense of being a child again and a little bit of hope.  The trailer looks like pure fun and delight which is assisted by the lovely Arcade Fire track.   Find more out about them at http://www.arcadefire.com.  And yes the linking function on wordpress is broken so I can’t make that link work for now.  *sigh.

BUT Enjoy the trailer!

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Hi ATG Readers –

Jessi and I would like to say that we have not disappeared nor have we forgotten about all of you.  We simply had to take a forced hiatus from posting.  Why you ask?  It’s because we are updating our site and we’re waiting to put the new posts up on the brand spanking new site.  Please be patient and hang in there with us.  We promise more new exciting, fun posts will be up as soon as all the bugs are fixed.  And yes we will be moving some of the more popular archive posts over too.  You will not be losing anything; just gaining. 

In the meantime…enjoy a fun performance from Lady GaGa!  It’s from a special show she did for KIISFM.



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Just released the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half – Blood Prince which is scheduled for release in July 17th, 2009.  More info here.

©2009 All Trailer Rights To Warner Brothers.


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tegansaraheader1Since our readers seem to be in love with Tegan and Sara and particularly their new kicks for Macbeth, I thought I’d give you a small update.  Macbeth finally launched the Quin’s own page on their website.  Where you can enter to win:


One Grand Prize winner will receive a prize pack featuring some signed rarities from Tegan and Sara along with a pair of each of their Studio Project shoes from Macbeth and Artist Direct.

Two runner ups will receive a pair of the Tegan or Sara Studio Project shoes.

Check out their ad picture too which ran this month in Alternative Press.  Ryan Russell took the ad shot.  I love it!  They really look like each other in it.  For those less in tune; Sara’s in the jean jacket.


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Saturday night I spent the evening enjoying several bands at the El Rey Theater in LA.  Never having been to the El Rey I was surprised to find out it’s a former dance hall complete with recessed dance floor complete with floor track lighting.  Awesome.  To be honest I had planned on arriving late because I had no interest in seeing the two opening bands.  Luckily fate was kind and the first band started an hour late.  Talk about good luck.

Telekinesis is Michael Benjamin Lerner  who’s joined on stage by a three person band.  But Lerner sings lead while playing the drums.  Nope, it’s true.  That takes some talent. Having never even heard of Telekinesis I was skeptical at first but soon found myself head bopping along to their songs and being highly amused by their fun, charming, funny on stage banter.  Now they are no rival to the Queens of on stage banter, Tegan and Sara but Lerner’s funny wit definitely made Telekinesis memorable.  Considering this is their first tour…that’s a really good trait for a band to command.  Lerner’s on tour now.  Find tour dates and more information here.

Second up is the New Zealand band, Cut Off Your Hands.  Overall I found them interesting but they tend to have that problem bands routinely can suffer from…every song sounds eerily the same.  But what saves this band on stage is lead singer, Nick Johnston.  I have never seen someone jump around a stage as much as Johnston nor beat the hell out of a tambourine like him.  At times he simply beat the tambourine against the mic stand.  See clip below…you cannot look away!  Alternative Press named them one of the 100 Bands to Watch in this month’s issue.  Find more band info here.

Lastly the main act, Ra Ra Riot.  Oh how I love this band!  Not only does lead singer, Wesley Miles sing but he also runs around playing keys too.  Plus they have a cellist and violinist on stage who simply rock those instruments.  Ra Ra’s album, Rhumb Line was on every major music magazine’s list of one of the albums of the year.  Each song is complex, interesting, and yet still catchy.  Pay attention to Ghost Under Rocks, Too Too Too Fast, and A Manner to Act.  Only bad note was the disappointing sound engineering.  The lead mic was too low but each time they tried to bring up the volume there was major feedback.  For a few songs the lead vocals we’re drowned out by the band.   Ra Ra Riot is on tour now so try and check them out.  Below you’ll find a new unreleased song.  Enjoy!

And just for fun…this guy was really into each band.  He’d just start jumping at each song’s start. Cracked my shit up!


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I am NOT endorsing McDonalds at all, but they hit a HOME RUN with this commerical. My boyfriend and I start dancing every time it comes on!

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Last Night I had the opportunity to see Hesta Prynn, from Northern State, perform her new songs recorded with Civil Shepherd at Spaceland, in Silverlake, CA.  I had heard from our friends over at Earbudz that she would be performing and decided I had to check it out.  Plus the show was free!  Prynn did not disappoint.  Watching her perform is electric and you simply cannot help but look at her.  She clearly is totally into her music and loves performing.  Additionally Prynn’s new music departs from her work with Northern State but doesn’t go so much to the right that you don’t recognize it as Prynn’s work.  

For now Hesta is on a short tour and has released a 5 Song Preview CD which you can purchase via her myspace page.  Plus check out Earbuz interview.  Oh and in a fun side note…Sara Quin oversaw the album.

Sorry I cut off the beginning of the song but take a look.  I guarantee you’ll be mesmerised!


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When Facebook was the new Myspace, I was proud to stop using my myspace page and be pretty much solely a facebook user. But that’s when I was in college and/or just out. Now, its not a young kids obsession anymore, it’s an EVERYBODY obsession. My dad is on facebook. It’s a little scary, but then again it makes me think twice about what I post. But my point is, now I don’t have to be proud that I only use one social networking site, because it’s not exclusive to immature high school/college kids anymore. Now it’s a way of life for people who are familiar with that think called the computer.

I just watched a talk at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference about Twitter. NOW, I first learned about twitter from my ex who is high up in a nerdy television network. Of course a guy high up in a nerdy television network would be obsessed with the newest technologies, right? He bought his managers Rock Band before it was released, he was THIS close to buying me an iphone just so I could text him a novel when we weren’t together, he’s a nerd and he loves it. So it was about mid summer when I noticed these strange status updates on his facebook page. Then I noticed the same kind of update on my buddy Kevin Pereira (host of Attack of the Show on G4)’s facebook status. The common thread? It said “twitter”. It has been almost a year an I didn’t succumb to Twitter. But I have to say, I have (my ex is going to love this) EPICLY FAILED.

Evan Williams, the co-founder of Blogger.com and Twitter spoke at the TED conference and I’m sold. I mean, look, I won’t “tweet” when I’m taking a shower or making dinner. But, you know, if I’m hoping on a plane and I have more than one person who I’ll be seeing once I arrive, it would be nice not to have to send 18 text messages. Even my boyfriend, who detests the idea of Facebook, watches peoples “tweets”.

Ok fine, so I’m not TOTALLY sold, as I do not have a blackberry or any other way to update remotely. But I’ll give it a shot. I’m not an old lady, yet. I have to keep up with the kids, don’t I?


p.s. It turns out my co-blogger Koop also tweets. I just found that out. Way to go Jess…

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Fellow Californians this Thursday March 5th the CA Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the validity of Prop 8.  On March 4th, the Eve of Justice, 27 cities across CA will march in support of the arguments and against Prop 8.  Please take notice, support your LGBT community and stand up for equal rights.  Find out about events in yoru city here.

In Los Angeles:

In Los Angeles, we are starting at 5:30PM at historic Olvera St. Join Co-hosts Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty) and Lisa Powell (Courage Campaign) for an evening that includes:

– Jenny Pizer of Lambda Legal who will give an update on the case before flying to San Francisco to a! rgue before the Supreme Court in the morning.
– A recommi! tment ce remony officiated by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. All married couples and couples wanting to get married are welcome to join in. This includes same sex and opposite sex couples.
– Musical entertainment by Tony Sweet, Nita Whittaker and Mandy Steckelberg.
– A Candlelight pledge to promote love, tolerance and equality in the future and the promise we will not stop until we our work is finished.

The event will finish with a candlelight march to the Supreme Court building. 

Already the Yes on 8 people are sending out the word to mobilize at the event. Let your voices by heard!


Eve of Justice: Lighting The Way For The Supreme Court
Wednesday, March 4th – 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Olvera Street, Downtown LA

(South of Cesar Chavez Ave, between N. Main St and N Alameda St) map

2 blocks West of Union Station, providing easy Metro access from Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, East LA and Long Beach

To join the event go to Los Angeles Facebook Event


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