Believe it or not those who first came up with the idea of plastic surgery wanted it used for good. In fact it was originally (and still is) for burn victims and since it’s conception it’s become more well known for it’s “enhancing” techniques.

I want to write this post because I saw some video of a person who has (in my opinion) NOT benefited from plastic surgery. But it’s like she can’t stop….and unfortunately she is the rule rather than the exception, especially in Hollywood.

Walter Yeo is widely known as the first person to benefit from reconstructive surgery. He was in the British Navy and sustained terrible but not fatal injuries. The surgery was done in 1917 and is VERY hard to look at, so you’ve been warned.

Again, reconstructive surgery is “performed to correct functional impairments caused by burns; traumatic injuries, such as facial bone fractures; congenital abnormalities; developmental abnormalities; infection and disease” etc etc but towards the end of the 20th Century it became mostly about “Cosmetic” surgery.

LaToya Jackson

Lil Kim

Rupert Everett

Axel Rose


Super pretty Heidi

Think twice about cosmetic surgery, our imperfections are what make us unique and interesting!

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The Jersey City, NJ Festival or Coachella East announced it’s line up today with ticket’s going on sale this Friday.  I couldn’t put the review of last year’s festival or this year’s line up any better than http://www.stereogum.com so I didn’t…..

Last year Goldenvoice brought the last thing this country needed more of (music festivals) to the last part of the country that needed it. Most local live music lovers don’t travel across country to, say, Coachella, because they know the lineup will be playing somewhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn within weeks anyway. So the Goldenvoice promoted All Points West (aka Coachella East) had two viable routes to being successful on its own terms, as a festival worthy of infinite ferry lines to Liberty State Park in Jersey City to see a bunch of bands playing Bowery that week: make the surroundings a user-friendly playground like its sister event in Indio (they did not), or book Radiohead for two nights. One out of two is not bad. One out of two did not stop people from calling it All Points Worst.

But this year looks different.

For one, they’ve promised an enhanced beer-drinking experience. That sounds like a petty quibble, until you find yourself trapped on an island with limited access to expensive beers in limited amounts with no forewarning. For another, they’ve picked up on Coachella’s design and created an enclosed, “tent” stage to host some top flight comedy (featuring Tim & Eric, Michael Showalter, Todd Barry, Janeane Garofalo, and Eugene Mirman). Mostly dudes you can see in Park Slope, but still. Progress. And most importantly, this musical lineup is actually righteous, rather than a bad rehash of every band doing every festival this year. Check it:


Tickets are on sale Friday 4/3 at 12PM EST via ticketmaster.com. Single day tickets are $89, three-day tix will be priced at $199 for a limited time, and there is a recession-friendly layaway option. There is also a VIPpackage, but honestly after last year I would say stay far away from that. Unless they’re offering BBQ and earplug-fitting session with Kevin Shields and/or beer-spitting lessons with Karen O.

All Points Worst to All Points Best? Obviously we’ll have to see it first, but the surprise of the morning: We are actually gonna go to see it first. What a difference a year and/or a promising press release makes, right guys? Blogging. Lots more info at the official site. If you are planning to go, here is the primer we hope is outdated but you should read before making ferry plans anyway.

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I had to post this trailer.  On October 16th, Warner Brothers is releasing Where the Wild Things Are which has to be one of my favorite children’s book ever.  Directed by Spike Jonze I believe it’s going to give us all a sense of being a child again and a little bit of hope.  The trailer looks like pure fun and delight which is assisted by the lovely Arcade Fire track.   Find more out about them at http://www.arcadefire.com.  And yes the linking function on wordpress is broken so I can’t make that link work for now.  *sigh.

BUT Enjoy the trailer!

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In the meantime…enjoy a fun performance from Lady GaGa!  It’s from a special show she did for KIISFM.



Just released the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half – Blood Prince which is scheduled for release in July 17th, 2009.  More info here.

©2009 All Trailer Rights To Warner Brothers.


More T&S Shoe Info

tegansaraheader1Since our readers seem to be in love with Tegan and Sara and particularly their new kicks for Macbeth, I thought I’d give you a small update.  Macbeth finally launched the Quin’s own page on their website.  Where you can enter to win:


One Grand Prize winner will receive a prize pack featuring some signed rarities from Tegan and Sara along with a pair of each of their Studio Project shoes from Macbeth and Artist Direct.

Two runner ups will receive a pair of the Tegan or Sara Studio Project shoes.

Check out their ad picture too which ran this month in Alternative Press.  Ryan Russell took the ad shot.  I love it!  They really look like each other in it.  For those less in tune; Sara’s in the jean jacket.