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tegansaraheader1Since our readers seem to be in love with Tegan and Sara and particularly their new kicks for Macbeth, I thought I’d give you a small update.  Macbeth finally launched the Quin’s own page on their website.  Where you can enter to win:


One Grand Prize winner will receive a prize pack featuring some signed rarities from Tegan and Sara along with a pair of each of their Studio Project shoes from Macbeth and Artist Direct.

Two runner ups will receive a pair of the Tegan or Sara Studio Project shoes.

Check out their ad picture too which ran this month in Alternative Press.  Ryan Russell took the ad shot.  I love it!  They really look like each other in it.  For those less in tune; Sara’s in the jean jacket.



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macbethshoes1Starting today you can buy either “The Tegan” or “The Sara” at select online stores including the following:

  • North America
  • Journeys
  • Loserkids.com
  • Zappos.com
  • Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa FL
  • Old School Shoes, Santa Cruz CA


  • Netherlands- www.large.nl 
    UK- www.loserkids.uk.com
  • Germany- www.trashmark.com
  • Spain- Nevada
  • Sweden- http://www.junkyard.se
  • Antwerp, Belgium- Harry Beaver
  • Aerschott, Belgium- Giotto
  • Leopldsberg, Belgium- Scorpia Shoes
  • Amsterdam- VeganLife

Check out a video message from Sara Quin and Emy Storey, who designed the new Macbeth kicks here.


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Maybe I’ve been living under a rock but I personally just discovered Etsy.com.  Now I’m constantlylogochecking it.  Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling handmade crafts.  You can buy/sell everything from bags, scarves, candles, jewelry, drawings, music, wall hangings, to clothing.  All items are handmade and you can find things from all over the world.  All pieces are original and sometimes there is only one.  

They also have a blog, community forum,  and workshops where you too can learn how to knit a scarf.  I spoke with an artist friend of mine who’s bought multiple items from Etsy and she said she’s had a positive experience with the site.  All items were as described and of great quality.  Check them out!

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I was recently made aware of a video by my friend Margi, it’s called “The Hidden Cost of Cashmere”. This video is short and extremely effective, outlining all of the issues that hit the rest of the world, when we (consumers) demand something that doesn’t replenish by itself.

This video made me remember a longer more in depth documentary that I saw in one of my film classes in Chicago years ago. It’s called “Ilha das flores” or “Island of Flowers”. Again, this documentary explains how complex we’ve made our world with modern inventions and conveniences.

Of course, we’re not going to stop buying sweaters when it’s cold or flip flops when its hot but I hope that this will make you think twice about buying 4 different colors because they’ll match your other clothes better.  Does matching your clothes mean more to you than the lives of others or the environment? Ask yourself that when you make your next shopping trip.  And please, watch one or both of these videos.

“The Hidden Cost of Cashmere”

“Ilha das flores” (yes it’s subtitled, I wouldn’t do that to ya!)

Part 1

Part 2

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threadless-inc-cover Hey I found some Internet access: whoo-hoo!  Just wanted to give you a quick post on a great online company.  Threadless.com is a unique community of artists who design t-shirts.  I just bought two shirts from them and I love ’em.  Right now they are still having a sale selling shirts for $15, $12, and $9 and if you search you can get cheap shipping.  I ordered mine and two days later had them.  Plus you can special order older designs and the choices change very frequently.

You join the community and you can submit T-shirt designs, then other members vote on your design.  If  it wins then you get credits toward new shirts and you now have a shirt out there with your design on it.  It’s a great concept and they are expanding their design criteria to include Typetees, Select and for Kids including babies.  Also the shirts are printed on Hanes or American Apparel shirts so they are not thin, craptastic will die after one washing type of clothing.  Plus they have a retail store in Chicago, IL.  Check them out here

Happy Holidays!


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Several top designers have officially submitted their designs for Michelle Obama and her daughters’ Inauguration dresses.  Personally the two below are my favorites. The other designs can be seen here.  Which one do you think our First Lady -Elect should choose? 

Monique LhuillierBadgely Mischka


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imagesIt’s that time of year again.  You know the day after Thanksgiving where Americans lose their minds and line up outside Wal-Marts at 3am to get the magic computer for $1.  Yes, it’s Black Friday.  Since our economy is in the crapper and according to the Untied States Constitution we cannot allow President Elect Obama to take office until Jan. 20th, we might as well shop and this year there are sales, sales, and even more sales.  There are so many sales that some stores already have their merchandise on sale and other stores literally have all their merchandise marked down.  

Below are a few websites which list this year’s big ticket items for nothing if you want to shop at 5am.  So dust off your credit cards, balance transfer some funds and go crazy!!!  For those of you living in a frozen tundra like state there are even fantastic sales online.




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