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This is just too good not to share.  Amazing and yes that is an accordion.  Please be amused.



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mainposter1Today Coachella organizers announced the lineup for the 2009 3 day concert.  Held at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA the music and arts festival is scheduled for April 17 – 19th.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am with 3 day passes for $269.00 and single day ticakets for $99.00.  Plus if you want to camp on-site you’ll need to purchase as pass for there too.  Though I’ve heard you shouldn’t camp and just spend the money for a hotel room or house rental.  This year’s lineup is going to be head lined by….Amy Winehouse.  Let’s all hope she shows up and can actually perform.  Other acts who I’m exciting to see on the list include: Lykke Li, Paul McCartney, The Killers, The Ting Tings, Girl Talk, Crystal Method, TV on the Radio, Thievery Corporation, Groove Armada, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more.  


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I’m getting sick. I woke up yesterday and it felt like someone took a cheese grater to my throat. You know the feeling, you’ve had it before. It means that in 2 days your whole body will be so achy that you’ll be harnessed to your bed in the fetal position in pain. It’s the flu.

One of the only good things that happened to me while I lived in LA (besides meeting Koop and Scott) was turning into a raging homeopathic enthusiast. I didn’t have health care, so I had to take extra care of myself. I was given a 2 day does by my roommate of this wonder potion that prevented me from getting the flu (until I got the flu shot- which was my own stupidity).

So, i got that feeling again, and dug around in the the yet to be unpacked boxes to find my echinacea filled wonder potion.

wellness1You take half a teaspoon 3  times a day for 2 days. It’s meant to boost your immune system and turn all Jesse Ventura on the germs.

It’s “Source Naturals” brand and you can get it at any vitamin store. It’s so amazing, I literally feel it working. The minute I swallow that nasty spoonful my throat feels better! And let me just say, it’s only nasty to those who dislike black liquorice, it has , oh how do the wine elite say it? It has Black Liquorice nodes….I’ll just say that.

If you feel yourself getting sick, try this!

*These statements and those on the bottle of this liquid have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. * (like most homeopathic remedies….)

Be well those who live in winter wonderlands!


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I was recently made aware of a video by my friend Margi, it’s called “The Hidden Cost of Cashmere”. This video is short and extremely effective, outlining all of the issues that hit the rest of the world, when we (consumers) demand something that doesn’t replenish by itself.

This video made me remember a longer more in depth documentary that I saw in one of my film classes in Chicago years ago. It’s called “Ilha das flores” or “Island of Flowers”. Again, this documentary explains how complex we’ve made our world with modern inventions and conveniences.

Of course, we’re not going to stop buying sweaters when it’s cold or flip flops when its hot but I hope that this will make you think twice about buying 4 different colors because they’ll match your other clothes better.  Does matching your clothes mean more to you than the lives of others or the environment? Ask yourself that when you make your next shopping trip.  And please, watch one or both of these videos.

“The Hidden Cost of Cashmere”

“Ilha das flores” (yes it’s subtitled, I wouldn’t do that to ya!)

Part 1

Part 2

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Starbucks announced today that starting tomorrow they will be cutting 6,700 jobs and closing 300 stores.  You know the economy is horrendous when Americans are no longer willing to pay $5 for cup of coffee.  Overpriced

Copyright 2005 Bernie Hou

Copyright 2005 Bernie Hou

caffeinated drinks is an American way!  Kidding.  


Revenue fell to $2.62 billion from $2.77 billion, while analysts had predicted revenue of $2.70 billion.


Starbucks also said its Chief Executive Howard Schultz will be paid just $10,000 in base salary for fiscal 2009, including health insurance and other benefits. His salary was $1.2 million in 2008.

Schultz still could take home more compensation in the form of stock options. In the last fiscal year, he received stock options worth $7.8 million when granted, which helped boost his total compensation near $10 million.

The company said it plans to open only 140 new stores in the U.S. in fiscal 2009, down from its previous target of 200. Overseas, it will open 170, down from the 270 it had planned to open.


Earlier, the company told employees that it will not guarantee matching contributions to their 401(k) retirement plans this year.

Read the article in it’s entirety here.


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I’m going to start this post to post things that I love. No explanation needed and no apologies for loving it.

I’ll start with


**  The Balkan Beat Box **



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I know the film, MILK has been in theaters for a few months now but if you haven’t seen it you really should gomilk_movie_poster now.  I finally got around to watching my screener of it and I was mesmerized.  Sean Penn plays Harvey Milk as this lost man in NYC who at the age of 40 wants to finally do something with his life.  Leaving with his new partner, played by James Franco, the pair move to San Francisco to the Castro district. Harvey opens a camera shop only to immediately be faced with discrimination from the local business association.  Using the power of speech, Harvey organizes the gay community to first rise against Coors Beer then Harvey starts his first of many campaigns for a government seat.  I’ll stop here on the recap because one you can read the history in wikipedia and two you need to see the film.  

With 2008’s elections and the passing of Proposition 8, Milk couldn’t be more relevant.  Many have written about this fact and most choose to focus on the fact that this year the gay community has failed Harvey Milk and his legacy.  Yes, No on 8 did loose. Yes, gay marriage was banned in the state of California.  But as I watched Milk with a friend, she commented that wow gay rights have not come that far since the 1970’s.  At first, I sat almost crying thinking she was correct.  And on the surface it seems my friend is right.  Then I started to really think about it.  In the film a man is murdered, beaten to death, for walking down the sidewalk with his partner. In San Francisco.  Today there is still hatred toward the gay community but now in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, New York City, Minneapolis, and many other cities gay couples can walk down the street, holding hands, and the likely hood that they are going to be beaten is slim, very slim.  Overwhelmingly, I believe, 80% of voters under the age of 30 are for gay marriage.  Milk’s message once again is hitting home with the younger generation.

You can find out more about Milk and it’s awards/nominations here.


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