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Cinema des Legumes

Ok just hear me out because I know what this is going to sound like but I want you to keep reading and give me a chance to explain.  I mean, I’m just like you.  I like to be entertained by the movies I rent.  I want to see Get Smart even though I know it will probably be a mediocre movie with little to offer than the few laughs promised by the fact that Steve Carrell is one of the better comedic actors working today.  I like movies!  You know, movies, not films.  The kinds of stories that you don’t expect much from and that don’t expect much from you.  So let’s start here with that idea.  When I go into a movie, I want to be entertained in a really basic way:  laughter, tears, tense muscles, that tingling you get when you are in a state of awe (like the first time you ate Cheetos stoned).

So I’m like you, okay?  And I’m here to tell you, good people, that this week’s crop of new releases disappoints.  I mean it really disappoints.  No laughter, no tears, no tense muscles, no tingling.  Eff the movies coming out this week, ok?  Eff them all!  Lions for Lambs?  Really?  Confession of a Pit Fighter?  Come on, Armand Assante!  The Good Life?  The answer is “NO.”

You won’t get your movie fix this week with the American new DVD releases.  That being said…

Have you ever heard of Budd Boetticher (pronounced Betticker)?  Most likely you haven’t until now.  Budd Boetticher made a handful of westerns in the 1950s – WAIT!  Give me a second before you write this off as “not for me” and at least let me tell you why you are going to get your entertainment hard on this week if, and only if, you switch to the hard stuff.  That’s right.  I’m talking about a higher grade of movie.  I’m talking about film.  More specifically, the hardcore films of Budd Boetticher which are not like any other western you’ve seen.

When you think of a western from the 1950s, you probably imagine, oh someone like Gene Autry in Cow Town, sporting a clean and pressed two-toned cowboy shirt, playing the polite guitar and doing things as daring as – GASP! – stringing barbed wire around his ranch.  Yeah.  LAME.

Well don’t worry, I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you that the underlying themes of a decaying nuclear family and American xenophobia make a seemingly lame movie, in reality, cool.  Nope. Cow Town and movies like it are lame, irrelevant, and not cool.  Not cool at all.

Budd Boetticher, on the other hand, is different.  This week, Sony released and important and often (so often!) overlooked collection of films by Boetticher (including several that hadn’t been released anywhere before, making them nearly impossible to see until now).

The boxed set includes: Buchanan Rides Alone (1958), Comanche Station (1960), Decision at Sundown (1957), Ride Lonesome (1959), and my personal favorite, The Tall T (1957).

Why are these films so amazing to watch?  Well you start out with a pretty typical-style western actor, Randoph Scott and the films often start with a seemingly predictable narrative.  But soon you find yourself in a story that navigates a landscape of morality and ethics well beyond what simple themes you might encounter in a polite Gene Autry movie.  The characters in these films deal with really gritty and dark sides of human existence in a way that transcends the era in which these stories were filmed.  These are psychological westerns and it is more than likely you’ve never seen something like that before.  Oh and don’t worry, just because these are psychological films doesn’t mean they don’t have their fair share of action as well.

So try one out and get your entertainment fix with a little bit of sophistication this week.  Go ahead, eat your entertainment vegetables.  I promise these ones are delicious.

And if you really want to go all out cinéma des legumes this week, this week you can also rent The Wayward Cloud.  Loads of sex in this one but you better know something about the dislocated cinema of Taiwan and the humor of filmmaker Ming-liang Tsai before you try it or you might get really baffled.


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That’s the Stuff…

It’s me, Jessi. It’s my turn to write in the blog and welcome everybody.

For the most part, I agree with Koop about what this blog is all about. My goal, our goal, is to expand our minds with Art, Culture, Music, Film and whatever else peaks our interests. That being said, we also want to assist you in doing the same, and if we post something that does just that for you, we encourage you to explore that even more. We guarantee that we’ve only scratched the surface, when you dig deeper, you can personalize it to your needs and likes, and in time it will help make your life better and more fulfilling.

In my life, I try to learn about what makes other people tick- going to galleries, concerts, films. What makes my life tick is being creative in anyway (I’ve recently taken up painting), and more importantly making being nice to mother nature work for my life. I am by no means a “treehugger” or a member of “Peta” but I am cognisant of how horribly we’re treating our earth, and I do all I can to change that.


In this first posting, I’m going to make my own Mix Tape. You’ll see a wonderfully different list from my friend, Koop. That’s why we’re a great team for this blog, we like different things!


Please enjoy responsibly


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