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I’m going to start this post to post things that I love. No explanation needed and no apologies for loving it.

I’ll start with


**  The Balkan Beat Box **



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Tegan Quin

Tegan Quin

After this post, I promise to lay off the Tegan and Sara posts.  It helps that they are not performing etc. again until January and in Australia.  Last week Thursday through Sunday T&S performed each night at The Music Box in Los Angeles, CA to a sold out crowd. I, obviously being a “big” fan, went three of the four nights.  Every night improved on the last. 

Opening for the Quin’s, were Girl in a Coma and City and Colour.  Now I like punk music but really only if I know the words.  Sadly I had not heard Girl in a Coma before leaving me wondering what in the world they were saying.  The lead singer has an amazing sounding voice but each friend I took with me was left wondering about the lyrics.  Also, Girl in a Coma have an amazing energy and you simply cannot look away when they are on stage.       http://www.girlinacoma.com/girlinacoma/main.html

City and Colour is a man with an acoustic guitar and harmonica.  Dallas Green’s voice hypnotizes you.  To be honest, I thought at first that his melodic and semi-depressing lyrics were going to kill the mood before T&S.  By the final performance, I was looking forward to hearing him sing.  Actually on Sunday several fans were there just to hear him and left after his performance.  During Tegan and Sara’s encore, Dallas rearranged Tegan’s old song, The First into an amazing duet.  As Tegan says, I really hated this song and then I gave it to Dallas. He loved it and now it’s great. Yes, that is paraphrased.  http://www.cityandcolour.ca/


Sara Quin

Sara Quin


As for Tegan and Sara, they never let me down.  During this round of performances, Tegan was the chattier of the two but by Sunday Sara decided it was time to tease Tegs.  This tour also featured a small light show which I at first thought was going to be gimmicky, but the duo kept it simple, only adding to the intensity of certain songs like, The Con. Now I could go on and on about their set but I will stick to the fantastic “guest” stars.  Every night Hunter Bergman, AFI, played shaker on Back in Your Head.  Side Note:  He and Tegan have a side project which they are currently working on together.  Friday through Sunday evening Matt Sharp sang with Sara on Dancer in the Dark.  And then the legendary, Weezer member, played bass while Sara sang, Tired of Sex.  Incredible and posted below.  I loved seeing Ted Gowan, behind Sara, rock out on the guitar, and seeing Sara go a bit nuts on the mic.  Sharp also played tambourine on Back in Your Head.  Overall, there was fantastic singing, great on stage banter, and the crowd overall did not annoy.  Plus each night I took friends with me who only knew Tegan and Sara’s old songs or had never heard a single note of their music.  T&S now have 3 highly enthusiastic new fans!  One cannot help but love the Quins.


Matt Sharp and Hunter Bergman performing "Back in Your Head"

Matt Sharp and Hunter Bergman performing "Back in Your Head"


“Tired of Sex”  -Beginning of the song was cut off.  Sorry!

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TV on the Radio

TV on the Radio

Over the weekend, I did head to San Francisco for the Treasure Island Music Festival.  I will be posting a complete review of the entire festival but for now…..this is all about one band which completely surprised me. 

To be honest, I was not a fan of this band before this past weekend.  I have many, many friends who love them and have given me all their released CD’s which I never listen to ever. To say I wasn’t really excited to see them would be an understatement.  Especially since they were third to last for the day and I had been standing for hours.

BUT, TV on the Radio surprised the hell out of me.  They were great and I can say this with only semi-knowing one of their songs.  For most people, watching a band and not being familiar with their music can make for a very long and boring set.  But TV had amazing energy and drew you into their songs, almost daring you not to pay attention to them.  Needless to say, I have been converted.  Today they are releasing their new album, Dear Science, which they played 3 songs from on Saturday.  All were great and I recommend you check them out.  If you have the chance to see them live; go!   It will be worth it.

To Buy:


Tv on the Radio

 TV on the Radio

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This weekend I am off to San Francisco to the Treasure Island Music Festival and I cannot be more excited.  I’ve never been before and it’s more than just music.  They have artists, great interesting shopping areas, and actual treasure hunts.  Plus the festival is completely green with zero-emission shuttle buses, biodeisel generators, recycling, and a solar powered stage.  I will definitely be blogging about it all when I get back on Monday.  

The bands I’m most excited to hear/see include:  CSS, Justice, TV on the Radio, Goldfrapp, Chester French, Vampire Weekend, The Kills and of course, most of all Tegan and Sara.  If you’re in the area I believe there are still tickets available and they are really reasonable.  Info below:


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Tegan (L) and Sara (R)

Tegan (L) and Sara (R)

Twins: Yes

Canadian: Yes

Most intelligent song writers I’ve heard in a long time: Yes!!!!!

I love pop music.  I confess that, yes I have heard a Britney song on the radio and jammed out, but when conflicted, upset, looking for answers do I turn to Britney?  Oh good Lord no.

A few months ago, I met a potential “someone” and inquired as to what was on their ipod.  Person’s response: “Tegan and Sara”.  I turned to Jessi and mouth, “What’s a Tegan or a Sara?”  Looking equally confused, Jessi shrugged her shoulders and I, like a pro :/, played it off.  Fastforward a month.  I’m watching a Degrassi rerun, Go Canada!, and a video comes on for “The Con.”  Grabbing my attention,  I watched the whole video only to be surprised that it was a “Tegan and Sara” song.  I rewound that sucker, thank you Tivo, and watched it again. 

Months, videos, websites, CD’s, articles, interviews, and 1 concert later I’m still a huge fan which is odd for me because usually ADD sets in and I’m on to another artist  in a week or two.  But these two women sucked me into their songs.  One day you’ll listen to a song and it will mean one thing to you and the next a completely different meaning will come to you.  The writing is that fantastic, intelligent, clever, and honest.   Their lyrics ring true to just about every stage of any relationship you’ve ever had and I dare you to not be able to find a song which perfectly pertains to you.   Plus, unlike many artists today both write, sing, and producer their albums. 

I recommend to everyone that you listen through an album, first for musical arrangement and then a second time just listening to the lyrics.   A few of their songs have a different musical style to them, which can take some a bit to love, but once you hear the lyrics, the songs come together and you are hooked. 

As if their music were not enough, the sisters are extremely funny.  Not slap stick Dane Cook funny but more sarcastic, a bit self-deprecating, tease each other funny.  Their on stage banter has become, to some, more famous than their music.  So much so, the duo have plans to release a DVD of a collection of their best stories. 

BTW Did I mention that they’ve released a Juno winning DVD, made a making of DVD to go accompany their latest album, “The Con”, done several online Behind the Scenes type series, as well as created and directed their own music videos?  Oh and they’re just turning 28, have been in the “industry” for 10 years,  have 5 studio albums with a new one releasing in 2009, and they are back touring starting this coming weekend.  **See their myspace page for details.

Take a moment, check them out.  I promise you will not be disappointed. 

 www.teganandsara.com – Official Website

www.teganandsarabanter.com – Best site beside youtube for banter


Yesterday, the video for “Call It Off” ( a personal favorite) was released.  Link below:


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That’s the Stuff…

It’s me, Jessi. It’s my turn to write in the blog and welcome everybody.

For the most part, I agree with Koop about what this blog is all about. My goal, our goal, is to expand our minds with Art, Culture, Music, Film and whatever else peaks our interests. That being said, we also want to assist you in doing the same, and if we post something that does just that for you, we encourage you to explore that even more. We guarantee that we’ve only scratched the surface, when you dig deeper, you can personalize it to your needs and likes, and in time it will help make your life better and more fulfilling.

In my life, I try to learn about what makes other people tick- going to galleries, concerts, films. What makes my life tick is being creative in anyway (I’ve recently taken up painting), and more importantly making being nice to mother nature work for my life. I am by no means a “treehugger” or a member of “Peta” but I am cognisant of how horribly we’re treating our earth, and I do all I can to change that.


In this first posting, I’m going to make my own Mix Tape. You’ll see a wonderfully different list from my friend, Koop. That’s why we’re a great team for this blog, we like different things!


Please enjoy responsibly


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