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Now that the inaug ( I like to abreve…) is over and you have an Obama hangover I have the best way to nurse you back to health! Also, if you’re just plain sick from it being winter or traveling (like moi), the best thing to do it watch what you put in your body.  There was a time in my life when I would make my own smoothies and a time ever father back when I would make my own juice.

My life now, is not so uprooted anymore. I don’t rent a room and use my roommates dishware anymore, so I feel more comfortable with actually using my kitchen.

I must admit though, I wasn’t inspired by making my own juice again until I was in Israel a couple weeks ago. Near the open air market there are bakeries and corner stores a plenty, AND one more amazing place- a juice shop. You walk in and ask for one or more of just a few kinds of juice Pomegranate, Orange, Carrot, Apple, Blueberry to name a few.

Now, I should’ve asked for a combo of Carrot and Pom, but I only asked for carrot and DAMN was it only carrot.  For most of us, it’s not sweet enough, just carrot juice in the raw, so I’ll zero in on how to best make Pomegranate and Orange juice.

You can buy the most low tech juicer out there.

Or go for a slightly higher tech version

I swear, they both work even for Pomegranate! But make sure the put an old rag under it, because it will inevitably splash and pom juice is muchas hard to get out of clothing.

In closing, I want to say that this only takes a few minutes to do and there are so many reasons why it’s a great idea:

  • You get natural vitamins
  • You get natural sugars (which are GOOD for you)
  • You get a natural energy
  • Fruits and vegetables give you amazing strength for the day and fiber (which isn’t only for if you HAVE to poo, it’s great for overall intestinal health)
  • You save the earth a little more each day but opting out of buying juice in that plastic bottle
  • YOU SAVE MONEY! Think about it, at almost $4 a bottle for the healthy juice, let’s just say you get one a day for each work day, that’s $20, roughly. If you go and get a couple pieces of each fruit on Sunday at the market that will probably only cost you $15. Add that up and you’re saving $20 a month! I can get a manicure for that….

TIP: When they’re in season, try making Blood Orange juice. It’s got a really nice, different flavor and it’s fun to make because it doesn’t look like regular orange juice!

Go and be healthy!


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This weekend while perusing the latest issue of Shape Magazine I came across a few items I thought you’d all enjoy.  

1.  A cup of yogurt a day may keep a stuffy nose at bay.  

According to a study in  Clinical and Experimental Allergy, they found that people allergic to ragweed and grass pollen who consumed a beverage containing probiotics (good bacteria found in yogurt), they experienced lower antibodies which triggered reactions.  FYI:  Yogurt also helps keep yeast infections at bay when taking large quantities of prescription antibiotics. 

2.  Keep your Purse/Bag off the Floor!

Floors and coutnertops are contaminated with germs that cause colds, stomach issues, and eye problems.  Instead put your bag on the bag of your chair, hold it on the bus, and put it on the hook in the restroom.  Also, germs can stay in the purse fabric for days so once a week wipe it down with a disinfectiong cloth.

3.  Battling Breast Cancer one Joke at a Time

Camilla Davidson, learned after her own diagnosis that she wanted to show encouragement and support using the lighter side of life.  Davidson created Milla Correspondence, a line of greeting cards acknowledging the tough truths of cancer but with humor.  i.e. “I know you won’t need a bra after your mastectoy..so here’s to fabulous panites.”  The cards run $4.00 each and can be ordered at www.millacorrespondance.blogspot.com  Proceeds from each order go to different cancer organizations.  

4.  Beauty Sample Sale!!!!

December 10th in Chicago and November, 11th in NYC.  www.beautysamplesale.com  Tickets are $10 and  you must be 21 to attend because there are complimentary Midori cocktails.  More info below:

“A beauty bonanza bringing together the best names in beauty, all under one roof.

Guests will sample complimentary beauty services courtesy of the world’s prettiest brands, from hair care to skin care from cosmetics to cosmeceuticals.

The sampling doesn’t stop there, save money with sample sale prices on beauty’s top collections, products and more.

Save face as the most respected beauty experts share tricks of the trade, trends and celebrity secrets.

Sample on the go with overflowing goodie bags filled with full and sample size products.

Oh, and did we mention more than generous “samplings” of cocktails, sweet treats and more?”


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