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Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

Yesterday the Associated Press published an article on how contributors to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign want their donations to be anonymous and for their names to be removed from the proposition’s website.  So you financially support a proposition which disregards a basic civil right and then you don’t want to publicly support your decision?  Hmm…  Supporters report that “No on 8” supporters are harassing them.  First they are not.  Yes their names were published, which is public knowledge, and yes they did protest outside businesses but all this was within their legal rights.  Plus many businesses, such as Apple, who gave to No on 8 were publicly demonised by the Yes on 8 Campaign.  


I find the whole business ridiculous.  If you support a movement so much that in a recession you are willing to give thousands of dollars then you should be able to publicly defend your opinion.  You can read the entire article here



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