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Jessi and I have not forgotten about you but were are running into some serious technical difficulties trying to update the site.  We are not computer geniuses though we are seriously reconsidering our college degrees. Kidding.  Please hang in there!  We are trying to keep up on this site for now until the other is beautiful and worthy of your eyes!

I had to post this trailer.  On October 16th, Warner Brothers is releasing Where the Wild Things Are which has to be one of my favorite children’s book ever.  Directed by Spike Jonze I believe it’s going to give us all a sense of being a child again and a little bit of hope.  The trailer looks like pure fun and delight which is assisted by the lovely Arcade Fire track.   Find more out about them at http://www.arcadefire.com.  And yes the linking function on wordpress is broken so I can’t make that link work for now.  *sigh.

BUT Enjoy the trailer!


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2717463797_9a21c069d7_oThat’s right folks!  Just in case you haven’t had enough of Mr. Potter and his magical world of wizardry Warner Brothers Studio announced today that they will have an internationally traveling Harry Potter exhibition.  Costumes, props, and items from the new Potter flick, and more will be featured in the exhibition which begins April 30th at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and will fun until September 7th, 2009.    Tickets are on sale now!  $26 Adults, $19 for Children and $25 for senior citizens with discounted prices for everyone during the evening hours after the museum closes.  

Tickets and official press release can be found here



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