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Believe it or not those who first came up with the idea of plastic surgery wanted it used for good. In fact it was originally (and still is) for burn victims and since it’s conception it’s become more well known for it’s “enhancing” techniques.

I want to write this post because I saw some video of a person who has (in my opinion) NOT benefited from plastic surgery. But it’s like she can’t stop….and unfortunately she is the rule rather than the exception, especially in Hollywood.

Walter Yeo is widely known as the first person to benefit from reconstructive surgery. He was in the British Navy and sustained terrible but not fatal injuries. The surgery was done in 1917 and is VERY hard to look at, so you’ve been warned.

Again, reconstructive surgery is “performed to correct functional impairments caused by burns; traumatic injuries, such as facial bone fractures; congenital abnormalities; developmental abnormalities; infection and disease” etc etc but towards the end of the 20th Century it became mostly about “Cosmetic” surgery.

LaToya Jackson

Lil Kim

Rupert Everett

Axel Rose


Super pretty Heidi

Think twice about cosmetic surgery, our imperfections are what make us unique and interesting!


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Plant this seed in your head- That stuff you’re cleaning your house with, it’s all toxic!

For so long all of the mainstream cleaning products were so new and so splashy with the claims of “99% disinfectants” and “anti-bacterial” agents in them. Yeah, keeping your kitchen salmonella free is good, keeping your whites white is good, but now, we know better. At least most of us do.

  1. Is anyone sick of hearing national news stories about people dying from peanuts? Me too.  If I remember correctly it was only in the past, oh, 5-6 years when kids started becoming DEATHLY allergic to certain foods- peanuts included. In my non-scientific findings as a child care provider (and I mean in that in the strictly camp counselor/babysitter way) I notice that kids aren’t allowed to do the things that I got to do as a child. Like, you know, play outside in the dirt. It’s OK to get a scratch from a tree branch, it’s OK to fall and scrape your knee and it’s OK to hold another child’s hand who just picked his nose. This, my friends, is how children build immunity and PREVENT DEATH from tiny little delicious peanuts when they’re adults! There was a study done in England recently, where they gave people who were deathly allergic to peanuts small doses of peanuts or peanut powder slowly over a period of time and – voila!- they became LESS allergic to the bloody peanuts! (sorry, my “British swear words” are fun to use).
  2. Did you know that the cleaning agents that you essentially put in your body (dish soap) and on your body (laundry detergent) is all extremely toxic? Phosphates found in dish soap pollute the ground water. Bleach in your laundry detergent is corrosive.  For years major companies have been pulling the wool over consumers eyes and using gimmicks like “99.9% cleaner than the other guy” ad campaigns. I’m done. And you should be too.

Here are some fun little facts about our daily household cleaners. (thanks www.worldwatch.org) WARNING: They are scary!

  • Cleaning products were responsible for nearly 10 percent of all toxic exposures reported to U.S. Poison Control Centers in 2000, accounting for 206,636 calls. Of these, nearly two-thirds involved children under six, who can swallow or spill cleaners stored or left open inside the home.
  • According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside the typical home is on average 2-5 times more polluted than the air just outside—and in extreme cases 100 times more contaminated—largely because of household cleaners and pesticides.
  • The Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Project reports that 6 out of every 100 janitors in Washington state have lost time from their jobs as a result of injuries linked to toxic cleaning products, particularly glass and toilet cleaners and degreasers.
  • In a 2002 U.S. Geological Survey study of contaminants in U.S. stream water, 69 percent of streams sampled contained persistent detergent metabolites, and 66 percent contained disinfectants.

If you can’t get away from commercial cleaners but want to try to keep your kids healthy outside of a bubble try these:

Seventh Generation– These are AMAZING products that works so so well and smell even better!

Method– You can get these at Target stores, they come in a variety of scents and even have plug in room fresheners!

Mrs. Meyers– You’ll recognize her bottles anywhere! I love her stuff.

I encourage you to read the labels of your cleaning supplies and compare the ingredients in those to the ingredients in one of the three brands I listed. You’ll be amazed.

Have a healthy home!


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In reference to my previous half joke post, it is extremely important to buy American goods to help stimulate our economy. That being said, there are so many wonderful Ma & Pa type companies that need and deserve our help.

One of my favorites is “Salad Girl” salad dressings.  This is a family in Minnesota that makes and sells these amazing salad dressings that are not only good for you but packaged in sustainable containers.

On top of the salad dressings they sell packaged nuts to add to your salad and make it more hearty, so it can be a meal rather than just an side. They go with the dressings so they make for an amazing meal for someone who may be kitchen challenged. It’s all built in!

Now they only sell in Minnesota but I’m sure if the national response is great enough they can work something out 🙂 This one is my personal fave!


Another personal favorite brand of locally produced foods in Newmans Own. Yup, Paul Newman’s Own.  They are known for popcorn and pasta sauce and salad dressings, but they also have lemonade, salsa and cereal. What’s great about Newman’s Own is that now they have an organic line, as if what they already make isn’t good enough for you!  This line has organic chocolate, coffee and my boyfriends favorite pretzels.

chocoNewman’s Own is located in Connecticut but sell nationally. You can find their products at Whole foods, Target, Rainbow, Cub, Vons and almost every large grocery chain. – Jessi

If you live in or happen to be around Southern Illinois then you should check out their fabulous wineries.  Granted IL is not where most think to find local wineries but near Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL there are several and are all part of a wine trail.  My person favorite is Von Jacob Winery.  Not only do they have fantastic apple wines but they also have a great outdoor area where  you can sit and enjoy your wine.  Plus if you call Von Jacob they will ship you a case of wine for around $20 shipping.  I like sweeter wines and my favorites are Country Red and Jonathan Apple wines.  -Koop

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I’m getting sick. I woke up yesterday and it felt like someone took a cheese grater to my throat. You know the feeling, you’ve had it before. It means that in 2 days your whole body will be so achy that you’ll be harnessed to your bed in the fetal position in pain. It’s the flu.

One of the only good things that happened to me while I lived in LA (besides meeting Koop and Scott) was turning into a raging homeopathic enthusiast. I didn’t have health care, so I had to take extra care of myself. I was given a 2 day does by my roommate of this wonder potion that prevented me from getting the flu (until I got the flu shot- which was my own stupidity).

So, i got that feeling again, and dug around in the the yet to be unpacked boxes to find my echinacea filled wonder potion.

wellness1You take half a teaspoon 3  times a day for 2 days. It’s meant to boost your immune system and turn all Jesse Ventura on the germs.

It’s “Source Naturals” brand and you can get it at any vitamin store. It’s so amazing, I literally feel it working. The minute I swallow that nasty spoonful my throat feels better! And let me just say, it’s only nasty to those who dislike black liquorice, it has , oh how do the wine elite say it? It has Black Liquorice nodes….I’ll just say that.

If you feel yourself getting sick, try this!

*These statements and those on the bottle of this liquid have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. * (like most homeopathic remedies….)

Be well those who live in winter wonderlands!


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I was recently made aware of a video by my friend Margi, it’s called “The Hidden Cost of Cashmere”. This video is short and extremely effective, outlining all of the issues that hit the rest of the world, when we (consumers) demand something that doesn’t replenish by itself.

This video made me remember a longer more in depth documentary that I saw in one of my film classes in Chicago years ago. It’s called “Ilha das flores” or “Island of Flowers”. Again, this documentary explains how complex we’ve made our world with modern inventions and conveniences.

Of course, we’re not going to stop buying sweaters when it’s cold or flip flops when its hot but I hope that this will make you think twice about buying 4 different colors because they’ll match your other clothes better.  Does matching your clothes mean more to you than the lives of others or the environment? Ask yourself that when you make your next shopping trip.  And please, watch one or both of these videos.

“The Hidden Cost of Cashmere”

“Ilha das flores” (yes it’s subtitled, I wouldn’t do that to ya!)

Part 1

Part 2

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There’s a new website in Los Angeles and it’s already raising a few questions.gl_la_logo Inspotla.org is an anonymous way to tell your past sexual partners that you have an STD.  You have the option of sending an e-card either anonymously or from your email address and you have the option to write a personal message.  For anyone terrified of informing their past partners, I believe this site will be a huge benefit in aiding of stopping the spread of STDs and HIV/AIDS. Many do not share with their past partners because of the embarrassment and for some shame.  Plus the service is free.

You can also find information on STDS, testing clinics in the Los Angeles area, and STD cures and treatments.  There are also hotlines and online informational resources.  

The site was developed by Internet Sexuality Information Services, Inc. (I.S.I.S.) and sponsored by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, with funding from the Los-Angeles-County Sexually Transmitted Disease Program.

Check it out here.


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Now that the inaug ( I like to abreve…) is over and you have an Obama hangover I have the best way to nurse you back to health! Also, if you’re just plain sick from it being winter or traveling (like moi), the best thing to do it watch what you put in your body.  There was a time in my life when I would make my own smoothies and a time ever father back when I would make my own juice.

My life now, is not so uprooted anymore. I don’t rent a room and use my roommates dishware anymore, so I feel more comfortable with actually using my kitchen.

I must admit though, I wasn’t inspired by making my own juice again until I was in Israel a couple weeks ago. Near the open air market there are bakeries and corner stores a plenty, AND one more amazing place- a juice shop. You walk in and ask for one or more of just a few kinds of juice Pomegranate, Orange, Carrot, Apple, Blueberry to name a few.

Now, I should’ve asked for a combo of Carrot and Pom, but I only asked for carrot and DAMN was it only carrot.  For most of us, it’s not sweet enough, just carrot juice in the raw, so I’ll zero in on how to best make Pomegranate and Orange juice.

You can buy the most low tech juicer out there.

Or go for a slightly higher tech version

I swear, they both work even for Pomegranate! But make sure the put an old rag under it, because it will inevitably splash and pom juice is muchas hard to get out of clothing.

In closing, I want to say that this only takes a few minutes to do and there are so many reasons why it’s a great idea:

  • You get natural vitamins
  • You get natural sugars (which are GOOD for you)
  • You get a natural energy
  • Fruits and vegetables give you amazing strength for the day and fiber (which isn’t only for if you HAVE to poo, it’s great for overall intestinal health)
  • You save the earth a little more each day but opting out of buying juice in that plastic bottle
  • YOU SAVE MONEY! Think about it, at almost $4 a bottle for the healthy juice, let’s just say you get one a day for each work day, that’s $20, roughly. If you go and get a couple pieces of each fruit on Sunday at the market that will probably only cost you $15. Add that up and you’re saving $20 a month! I can get a manicure for that….

TIP: When they’re in season, try making Blood Orange juice. It’s got a really nice, different flavor and it’s fun to make because it doesn’t look like regular orange juice!

Go and be healthy!


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